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LevelNews.org is fiercely committed to your privacy. This website has been designed with the specific intention of protecting your personal data privacy from advertising networks. We are committed to never selling your personal data or using advertising methods that utilize your personal information such as your political interests, email address, age, browsing habits, or tracking cookies from other websites. This commitment is the most important part of providing a platform for informed public discourse.

LevelNews.org currently utilizes cookies for our analytics engine to look at general usage patterns and get better at serving our community. We only use analytics to generate a better view of how people are using the site overall. The analytics vendor LevelNews.org uses is Matomo.org and LevelNews fully owns this data and does not sell it, ever. Here's why this is important. Analytics data is never used or sold for purposes other than understanding generalized site usage patterns. Obviously, our Matomo analytics cookies are never used to track your activity when you are using other websites or services.

The publications you choose to subscribe to via our News Feed Subscriptions tool are stored in your browser (your browser has a small database in it), not our centralized servers. LevelNews.org does not access your news feed subscriptions for any reason other than fetching their corresponding feeds when you select to view them from your browser. Your stored subscription data is never accessed in aggregate. Other websites and users have no access to your browser's database under normal circumstances (we cannot guarantee against hacking by malicious entities, of course).

When you connect to the chat channels, the nickname you choose to use along with a random alpha-numeric identifier and your ip address are all used together by our servers to identify and transmit chat messages to you. The newest nickname you used and the random alpha-numeric identifier associated with it are also stored in your web browser and transmitted to our servers when you subsequently re-connect (we never store your ip address in your browser's database, obviously). Each time you connect with a new/different nickname, a new random alpha-numeric identifier is generated and assigned to that nickname. When you disconnect, your ip address disappears from our systems entirely.

To the best of our ability, we will ensure that other chat users will *never* have access to your ip address.

When you add a post to a chat channel via the "Add Post" button in the lower right corner of the chat window, you are creating a post that will be saved in the channel on our servers as long as it is in the latest 100 posts for that channel. Once your post falls out of the top 100 posts for that channel, it is automatically deleted. If 60 days passes and your post never falls out of the top 100 posts in that channel, your post is automatically deleted. And when we say its deleted, we really mean it. If you wish to disassociate your current nickname from your past posts, we recommend you disconnect from the chat and then reconnect with a new nickname, this will clear the identifying nickname and alpha-numeric identifier from your browser's database, which is then transmitted to our servers when you re-connect.

Hate speech, trolling, harassment, doxxing, pornography and spamming will not be tolerated. This is not the community for it. LevelNews.org and its community members reserve the right to kick users out of channels, delete posts and/or ban users who choose to engage in these activities. Our intention is to create a safe space for everyone to explore and engage one another respectfully.

As the LevelNews.org website and services evolve and grow, we have to reserve the right to tweak and update this privacy policy. When that happens we'll do our best to keep you informed of changes.