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LevelNews.org is your starting point for decentralized independent and alternative media sources.

Its mission is to amplify independent journalism and public-interest advocacy work in real-time. And guess what?

We don't collect or monetize your personal information.

90% of media in the U.S. is owned by just 6 corporations.

Level News will help you find the other 10%.

The distributed, networked nature of the internet is fertile ground for independent journalists, citizen reporters and activists. The barriers to entry for a platform free of monopolized corporate interest is lower on the internet than in any medium we have ever seen before. Open-source projects like WordPress and Ghost.org have made it affordable and easy to set up a blog and put your voice out there for anyone to find.

The Downside: Because independent content creators are not well-funded and are distributed across the internet, they are easily drowned out by moneyed interests when it comes to what Silicon Valley calls "viral discovery" on mainstream social media.

Online political spending in the U.S. is expected to grow ten-fold between the last presidential election and the 2016 election cycle precisely because of online media's ability to use personal profile data to "microtarget" specific audiences.

Source: https://www.borrellassociates.com/industry-papers/papers/political-advertising-outlook-2014-and-beyond-jul-14-detail

Does this sound right to you?

The goal is simple.

Build an alternative news directory that is:

  • social
  • privacy-focused
  • can be used anonymously
  • never going to exploit user data for profit
  • a community-building tool
  • a level playing field for public discourse

Want to read more about our mission? Check out the Level News blog.


Who are you?
This is me.

What is your definition of alternative news?
Glad you asked. Here is a blog post all about it.

Why did you build this site?
1) To help small, independent, public-interest organizations gain more of a foot-hold online, where mainstream social media and search engines that serve as "starting points" on the web are increasingly filtering out this content.
"The Feudalism of Facebook: New Pay-to-Play News Feed as Indy Media Killer" [CommonDreams.org]
"The rise of community media - and why social networks don't work" [TheNextWeb.com]
"Facebook is Throttling Nonprofits and Activists" [FilmsForAction.org]

2) To educate people about ad microtargetting online and how it impacts political campaigns and public discourse online. Check out the LevelNews.org blog post about this:
"All Your Data Are Belong To Us" [Blog.LevelNews.org]

3) To create an indie/alt news directory whose mechanics reward small and independent content creators for building content on their own websites, which in the long-run is the most beneficial for them and for society.
"Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy" [Copyblogger.com]

Have you received any funding for LevelNews.org?
Absolutely none. Level News is basically a side-project. The mission of this website is to disseminate information and culture, regardless of funding.

How can I help?
Use the site. Tell your friends and colleagues!!! Chat and post stories in the chat channels. Publish something amazing online and send it to us to direct some traffic at it. If you want to embed Level News on your own website or want your own chat channel, drop a note! Email: vision ((( @ ))) levelnews.org

Where can I find the various open source modules that power Level News?


You can contact us by emailing vision ((( @ ))) levelnews.org.