LevelNews.org Real-time independent news index

Level News is a new starting point on the web for finding independent and alternative news and culture.

Level News is a real-time index of links to news that is in the public's interest. It is curated by people who connect to the site's chat channels as well as a fleet of newsbots that scour the web in real-time. Links to articles added to each chat channel are called "posts", and the posts that get the most upvotes are surfaced to the homepage's "Top Posts" section. In addition, Level News also contains a directory of independent and alternative news sites and their RSS feeds.

The chat channels and the news feed directory are tools to help you navigate the decentralized world of independent, alternative, and public-interest media spread out across the web. This site does not aggregate information about your interests or allow any third party tracking from advertisers.

The chat channels are for sharing and voting on posted articles and discussing topics. You can join in by clicking the "Chat & Add Posts" links from the main menu.

The news feed directory can be found by hitting the "News Feeds" button at the bottom of the homepage to start discovering new sites and browsing their feeds:

Connecting to the Group Chat Channels

The chat channels are how articles get surfaced on the Level News homepage by posting articles and voting on them -- you can think of each channel as an open editing room. The public chat channels are organized by topic and each has its own #hashtag.

You can connect to the chat channels by picking whatever nickname suits you and then hitting the "Connect" button. No profile to set up, no permanent logins or user account, no passwords, no personal information.

The chat channels are the most experimental piece of Level News. We hope they will become a place where independent journalists, bloggers, advocates and activists come to build a following and organize communities for positive action. Expect the channels to evolve and change over time. As always, if you have ideas about how to make them better, drop an email to vision ((( at ))) levelnews.org

News Feed Directory

The news feed directory is meant to help readers navigate decentralized news, information, culture and advocacy sources. Level News does not want to keep you trapped in a walled garden to be endlessly monetized and commodified. With our news feed directory there are no mysterious algorithms and no filtration. The news feed reader simply fetches RSS feeds from alternative media websites directly so you can have them all in one platform to jump off from.

Level News is committed to never selling your personal data or using advertising methods that utilize personal information such as your political interests, email address, age, online browsing habits, or tracking cookies from other websites. This commitment is the most important part of providing a platform for informed public discourse. LevelNews.org is simply decentralized news discovery tailored to your personal interests and tastes without a footprint. We don’t save any of your personally identifying information on our servers because when an online service doesn’t commodify personal data it actually becomes too expensive to store it at scale. This is more of a shoe-string operation than that.

Privacy and Anonymity

LevelNews.org is committed to your privacy. It has been specifically designed to protect you from having your personal information tracked and sold by advertising networks.

The news feed subscriptions you choose are stored in your own browser, along with the nickname you picked to connect to the chat channels. If you are connected to the chat channels we keep your ip address on our servers to be able to send you messages, but as soon as you disconnect that footprint is erased from our servers. Your posts are stored in our server's database with the nickname you chose when you connected to the chat channels along with a random, unique identifying string of numbers and letters only -- your ip address will not be stored with your posts. So in short, because we aren’t saving your personal information, there is none to give away or sell to ad networks.

LevelNews.org does not use Google Analytics. Here's why that is important. Instead we use Piwik.org, an open-source web analytics solution created to ensure your privacy. There is no personally identifying information stored in LevelNews.org's Piwik analytics data; your ip address is anonymized for Piwik storage. LevelNews.org fully owns this analytics data and only uses it to understand site usage to create a better experience.

In the future, we may add the option for you to create a profile so you can sync your news feed subscriptions across devices and interact with new features. If we go this direction, it will be carefully designed to ensure your continued maximum privacy. If you'd like more information, check out our detailed Privacy Policy.