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Level News is a starting point on the web for finding independent and alternative news and culture.

Level News is a real-time index of links to public-interest news stories. It is curated by people who connect to the site's chat channels as well as a small fleet of newsbots that scour the web in real-time. Links to articles added to each chat channel are called "posts", and the posts that get the most upvotes are surfaced to the homepage's "Top Posts" section. In addition, Level News also contains a directory of independent and alternative news sites and their RSS feeds.

The chat channels and the news feed directory are tools to help you navigate the decentralized world of independent, alternative, and public-interest media spread out across the web. This site does not aggregate information about your interests or allow any third party tracking from advertisers.

Privacy and Anonymity

LevelNews.org is committed to your privacy. It has been specifically designed to protect you from having your personal information tracked and sold by advertising networks.

The news feed subscriptions you choose are stored in your own browser, along with the nickname you picked to connect to the chat channels. If you are connected to the chat channels we keep your ip address on our servers to be able to send you messages, but as soon as you disconnect that footprint is erased from our servers. Your posts are stored in our server's database with the nickname you chose when you connected to the chat channels along with a random, unique identifying string of numbers and letters only -- your ip address will not be stored with your posts. So in short, because we aren’t saving your personal information, there is none to give away or sell to ad networks.

LevelNews.org does not use Google Analytics. Here's why that is important. Instead we use Matomo, an open-source web analytics solution created to ensure your privacy.