Some Thoughts On Our Breaking World

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Uganda's crackdown on public gatherings ruled unconstitutional

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U.S. Becoming Global Epicenter of Pandemic, as India Orders Lockdown for 1.3 Billion People

If You Hear Someone Say “Chinese Virus,” Don’t Let It Slide

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5 Years of U.S.-Saudi War Have Left Yemen Highly Vulnerable to a Coronavirus Outbreak

At Least Five U.S. Senators, Briefed on Coronavirus, Sold Stocks Before Market Crash

A Cornered Trump Scapegoats China, Inviting Racist Violence

Pandemic Memo from Italian Hot Spot in Lombardy

U.S. Sanctions on Iran Are Increasing Coronavirus Deaths. They Need to Be Stopped Now.

Spain Nationalizes Health Care as Its Coronavirus Cases Double

Metro Bank hit with fresh lawsuit by Iranian customers

Coronavirus gives us a terrifying glimpse of the future – and highlights a chilling paradox | Jeff Sparrow

Rockets Strike U.S. Military Base in Iraq Following U.S. Airstrikes on Iranian-Backed Militia Groups Last Week


Trump Tests Negative for Coronavirus After Being in Contact with Brazilian Official Infected with COVID-19

Italians sing patriotic songs from their balconies during coronavirus lockdown

US & France Significantly Increase Arms Exports

World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Pandemic

Why People From Around the World Have Volunteered for Bernie Sanders

U.N. Rights Chief Says U.S. Sanctions Causing Shortages in Venezuela

Rafael Cancel Miranda, Puerto Rican Revolutionary, Dies at 89

Tensions High in Lesbos as Asylum Center Burns Down, Greek Authorities Attack Refugees

There Have Been Nearly 80 Attacks in Afghanistan Since US Signed “Peace Deal”

Democracy Is Under Assault Around the World, and Right Here in Texas

World Health Organization’s Coronavirus Warning: “This Is Not a Drill”

The Young Turks Union Fight Gets Nastier With Charges of Retaliatory Firing, Withholding Raises

Turkey Accuses Greece of Killing Migrant as Greek Riot Police Fire Tear Gas at Border

Trump’s Harsh Iran Policy Helped Hardliners Win Iran’s Elections

Regional Victory Spotlights Italy’s Sardines Movement

Revolutionary Nicaraguan Priest and Poet Ernesto Cardenal Dies at 95

Women's World T20: late bid for Australia to have rain reserve day rejected

When I Asked Elizabeth Warren to Speak Out Against the Yemen War, She Refused

North Korea Fires Projectiles as It Carries Out Military Drill

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Bloomberg’s Choice to Speak at AIPAC Shows How Out of Touch He Is

Children Are Freezing to Death in Syria as Humanitarian Crisis Intensifies

House Approves Emmett Till Act to Make Lynching a Federal Hate Crime


Trump Taps VP Mike Pence, Who’s Blamed for Indiana HIV Outbreak, to Lead Coronavirus Response

President Trump Wraps India Trip with Praise for $3.5 Billion Weapons Deal

20 Civilians Killed in Syria’s Idlib as the Red Cross Pleads for a Ceasefire

Clashes Between Haitian Police and Soldiers Leave One Dead as Anti-Gov’t Protests Rage On


Family of Mexican Teenager Slain by Border Agent Awaits SCOTUS Ruling to Determine If They Can Sue

Organizing in Black and Latinx Communities Has Been Key to Sanders's Success

The Next Economic Recession Will Likely Come From Climate Crisis

34-Year-Old Mexican Man Dies in ICE Custody

Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada After Heavy Organizing in Latinx Communities

In Afghanistan, U.S. and Taliban Start Partial Truce

The Fate of the Planet Rests on Dethroning the IMF and World Bank

Global Protest Call Monday 24 Feb To Demand Freedom Of Julian Assange : Indybay

US-Backed Saudi Airstrike Kills 31 Civilians in Yemen

Student climate change protests across the UK


Kashmiri and Palestinian activists stand against Indian envoy at Harvard

Germany Sees Political Fallout From Chancellor Merkel’s Alliance With Far Right

UCB Student Threatens Genocide to Palestinians; No Response From Campus : Indybay

Klobuchar Has Pushed Extreme Right-Wing Policy on Israel/Palestine

Trump Says His Budget Doesn't Cut Social Security -- But Mnuchin Admits It Does

Trump’s 2021 budget proposal would be a climate disaster

WHO Warns Coronavirus Poses “Grave Threat” to World

World War III’s Newest Battlefield -- US Troops Head for the Far North

Brazilians Mobilize to Clean Up Massive Oil Spill and End the Fossil Fuel Era

The South Korean Government Tried to Ban This Peace Activist. Here’s What She Has to Say.

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GOP “Climate Plan" Calls for Planting Trees But No Emissions Reduction

US Policy Has Facilitated the Paramilitary Takeover of Iraq

Risk of Nuclear War Rises as US Deploys New Nuke for First Time Since Cold War

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Jair Bolsonaro Introduces Bill to Clear Way for Mining, Oil Extraction in Brazilian Amazon



Alex Odeh Was Assassinated. Two Suspects Live Openly in Israel.

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Millions in India Are Practically in Open Rebellion Against the Modi Government

Australia's Marine Animals Are the Fires' Unseen Victims

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Faced With Climate Disaster, Australian Prime Minister Plans to Open Coal Mine

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