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Hacking tools & ready-made phishing pages being sold on dark web for $2

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EXCLUSIVE: Cops Break Window, Drag Couple from Car After Wrongfully Accusing Them of Not Wearing Seat Belts

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Winning an Arms Race in Space Remains a Futile Fight

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Cynthia Nixon’s Plan to Stem Mass Incarceration Has a Uniquely Feminist Provision

The Power of Prosecutors

Safe as houses: 5 security measures adopted by cryptocurrency exchanges

The Challenge for Communities to Rise and Take Care of Their Own

iKeyMonitor: A parental control app ensuring safety of your child

IGD Providence, RI: "Go Back to 4chan!" Community Quickly Shuts Down Fascist Rally - It's Going Down

Lawmakers Pressure Google Over “Deeply Troubling” China Censorship Project

HP Bug Bounty Program: Hack HP Printers & Earn Up To $10,000

ICO hacked: Hackers steal $8 million from KICKICO Blockchain network

Hundreds of Android apps on Play Store infected with Windows malware

Exposure to 5G Small Cell Towers Can Cause Excessive Sweating. New Prescription for Excessive Armpit Sweating Approved by FDA in Time for Massive 5G Rollout.

Google Struggles to Contain Employee Uproar Over China Censorship Plans

More Amazon workers speak out against atrocious working conditions

Trump Appointees Are Pushing a Deregulation Plan That Could Dramatically Erode Consumer Protections

The Media Is Giving Facebook a Free Pass to Shut Down Activists Over Russia Fears

Brutal Billionaires’ Big Border Bucks

Facebook censors anti-fascist rally in Washington

Reddit hacked: Hackers steal complete copy of old database backup

Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal

China Explores Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Shape Its Foreign Policy

A Threat to Global Democracy: How Facebook & Surveillance Capitalism Empower Authoritarianism


Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Blocking 3D-Printer Guns

Our Assembly-Line Future?

Facebook Takes Down Suspected Russian Network of Pages Attempting to Influence 2018 Elections

A climate denial video has 6 million views. Facebook doesn’t care.

The West Coast Electric Highway Enables Zero Emission Road Trips

States Suing Administration, Company Over 3D-Printed Guns

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Living in a World Bereft of Privacy

How European Workers Coordinated This Month’s Massive Amazon Strike—And What Comes Next

Politics on EcoWatch's site

Amazon Promises “Unwavering” Commitment to Police, Military Clients Using AI Technology

Update your devices: New Bluetooth flaw lets attackers monitor traffic

At the World Bank’s Climate Summit, Financiers Trade Carbon While the World Burns

Orwell knew: we willingly buy the screens that are used against us – Henry Cowles | Aeon Ideas

A New Broadband Network Is Pitching Surveillance Enhancements to Cops Across the Country

Ex-Obama Officials Shill, and Bill, for Big Tech's Pentagon Deals


We Know Nature Makes Us Happier. Now Science Says It Makes Us Kinder Too

An Ethical Hacker Explains How the Russian Government Used Disinformation and Cyber Warfare in the 2016 Election

What DNA Ancestry Testing Can (and Can’t) Tell You

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Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software Is Prone to Racial Profiling, Report Says

Jeff Bezos’ Paper Tells You Not to Worry About Those Billionaires

Facebook's Big Growth Is Slowing, Sending Its Stock Tumbling

Facebook Promises to Bar Advertisers From Targeting Ads by Race or Ethnicity. Again. — ProPublica

Study finds high-skilled immigrants benefit economy as Trump moves to make lives more difficult

Call Congress Thursday For Net Neutrality, Poll Show Issue Could Be Decisive In 2018 Election

Mars Breakthrough: Water Discovered Beneath Surface

Open Letter to The Guardian on Its Inaccurate Nicaragua Coverage

Trump just nominated a pesticide exec to oversee science at the USDA

Kochs Mobilize to Kill Public Transit Plans

Five ways to curb the power of corporations

Former Obama Officials Help Silicon Valley Pitch the Pentagon for Lucrative Defense Contracts

Trump's Department of Energy Neuters Nuclear Oversight Safety Board

Creating Affordable Homes for Multigenerational Living

The West Coast Electric Highway Enables Zero Emission Road Trips

Jeff Bezos’s fortune has come at the expense of workers and society not receiving their fair share


A new GOP carbon tax proposal is a long shot, but it’s a shot worth taking

Next-gen nuclear is coming, if we want it

This Alabama College Student Walked 20 Miles to His Job — So His Boss Gifted Him A New Car

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: The richest man in modern history

Facebook data gathered by Cambridge Analytica accessed from Russia, says MP

As Bezos Becomes Richest Man in Modern History, Amazon Workers Mark #PrimeDay With Strikes Against Low Pay and Brutal Conditions

How to Teach Your Employees About Cybersecurity

Shocking Fitbit Complaints: People Are Literally Being Shocked While Wearing Them. Perhaps the WiFi in Fitbits is Being Affected by Other Sources of WiFi and Electrosmog…

Vote like your rights depend on it. ☑️

Vote like your rights depend on it. ☑️

Vote like your rights depend on it. ☑️

Bacardi and Lonely Whale to Remove 1 Billion Plastic Straws to Ensure #TheFutureDoesntSuck

Vote like your rights depend on it. ☑️

Ross Ulbricht Denied Supreme Court Petition as Alleged Silk Road Co-Conspirator Faces Extradition to U.S.

The Russian Hack – emptywheel

California’s carbon emissions are back to ’90s levels. It can be done, people!

NYT Sees ‘Dystopia’ in Chinese Surveillance—Which Looks a Lot Like US Surveillance

Amazon Is One Step Closer To Taking a Cut on Literally Every Economic Transaction

Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal

How the EPA and the Pentagon Downplayed a Growing Toxic Threat — ProPublica

Tech Company Refuses to Sell Facial Recognition Software to the Government

Caravan of Grandmothers Heads to Mexico Border

The surveillance economy and its discontents

A Day After Report, Violent White Supremacist Loses Job With Defense Contractor — ProPublica

Crooks hack gas station fuel pump to steal 600 gallons of gas