Ethiopia to Release Prisoners over COVID-19 Fears, as South Africa Locks Down

Activists Demand Release of Aging Prisoners as Coronavirus Spreads

Rikers Island Jail to Release 300 Nonviolent Prisoners Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

5 Years of U.S.-Saudi War Have Left Yemen Highly Vulnerable to a Coronavirus Outbreak

Illinois Prisoners Say They Don’t Have Access to Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Supplies or Soap

Fire Kills Young Girl at Refugee Camp in Lesbos

Coronavirus Is Poised to Inflame Inequality in Schools

Trump Supporter Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Threatening to Assault & Murder Rep. Ilhan Omar

Experts Say Trump Is Exploiting Coronavirus Crisis to Attack Social Security

Tensions High in Lesbos as Asylum Center Burns Down, Greek Authorities Attack Refugees

There Have Been Nearly 80 Attacks in Afghanistan Since US Signed “Peace Deal”

ACLU News & Commentary

ACLU News & Commentary

Alabama Executes Prisoner Who Professed Innocence, After Supreme Court Denies Stay

Anti-Immigrant Nationalism Is Poisoning the Streets of London

US-Backed Saudi Airstrike Kills 31 Civilians in Yemen

New Leaks Shatter OPCW's Attacks on Douma Whistleblowers

Kashmiri and Palestinian activists stand against Indian envoy at Harvard

UCB Student Threatens Genocide to Palestinians; No Response From Campus : Indybay

ACLU News & Commentary

In Wake of Trump-Netanyahu Proposal, Palestinian Authority Cuts Ties With US

Trump’s Israel-Palestine “Peace” Plan Violates International Law