Episode 4/25/18: Torturer Report

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Living with the Muslim Ban

US City's Ban on Police Training in Israel Builds Momentum Against Racist Violence


The Latest Attack on Food Stamps

This Sheriff Was Booted by DHS for Racism. Now Trump Wants To Enlist Him in Deportations.

Will Immigration Authorities Use Our Taxes to Go After Immigrants?

Who Polices the Immigration Police? — ProPublica

For Refusing to 'Ignore or Accept Racial Discrimination,' Amnesty International Honors Colin Kaepernick With Highest Award

Rotten and Rat-Infested: The Appalling Food and Healthcare Conditions Facing Inmates in U.S. Prisons

Philippines' Drug War Kills Poor Addicts, Not Rich Dealers

Saudi Dictator Dines with French President as Yemenis Starve


Bernie Sanders’s Latest Criticism of Israel Signals an Actual Debate Coming in 2020

Meet the U.S. Nonprofit That Funds the Israeli Guards Who Terrorize Palestinians

Facebook Faces Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Its Use Of Facial Recognition Data

A battle for transparency: putting names and numbers to the US drone war

Who Polices the Immigration Police? — ProPublica

Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to “Russiagate” Enthusiasts -- Whether They Like It or Not

Who Is the Real Culprit Behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? A Brief History - Antiwar.com Original

Russia Says It Has “Irrefutable Evidence” U.K. Staged Chemical Attack in Syria. Let’s See It.

Trump's Airstrikes on Syria Are Illegal Without Congressional Authorization

Is It Fake? White Helmets Alleged Chemical Attack Footage Leaves Several Unanswered Questions

A Year Later, Fewer Deportations in Cities That Adopted “Welcoming” Policies

In Pennsylvania, It’s Open Season on Undocumented Immigrants — ProPublica

Why is Israel Threatened by Unarmed Gaza Protesters? (Part 1/2)


Revisiting the Prison Industrial Complex

Tech Companies Come Out In Force Against Trump's DACA Decision

ICE Will No Longer Release Pregnant Immigrants From Detention

Thousands of Google Workers Urge C.E.O. to Pull Out of Pentagon A.I. Project

Chestnuts, Monkeys and Another Reason Ahed Tamini Matters

US Blocks UN Investigation into Israeli Military Killings in Gaza (pt. 1/2)


Stand Up, Fight Back: The Rising Militancy of the Immigrant Rights Movement

As Trump Targets Immigrants, Elderly Brace to Lose Caregivers

Day After Shooting Dead at Least 15, Israeli Forces Open Fire on Gaza Protesters Again

I Am Buried Alive in a Michigan Prison

Israel Opens Fire on Protesters in Gaza After Trump’s Envoy Denounces “Hostile March”

Tax Overhaul and the Immorality of Inequality

Are White South African Farmers Facing ''Genocide''? Why These Claims Illustrate Australia's Discriminatory Refugee Policy

Three Years Into the Yemen War, a Collective of Women Street Artists Cope With the Destruction

6 of the Most Historic Moments from Yesterday's March for Our Lives

Immigrant Families Demand to Be Counted on the 2020 Census

Prisoners Across Florida Went on Strike. Instead of Fair Wages, They Got Solitary.


Marielle Franco and Brazil's future: hope or barbarity

Ahed Tamimi agrees to plea deal, to serve eight months

Former Brazilian President Lula: It’s Clear Marielle Franco’s Assassination Was Premeditated


Watch Tonight: Sanders, Warren, Moore Headline National Town Hall on Inequality and Oligarchy

Stop the War in Iraq Before It Begins

ACLU Statement on White House Nondisclosure Agreements

Fascism Depends Upon a Belief in Human Inequality

The Tip of the Iceberg: My Lai Fifty Years On

Let’s Reclaim St. Patrick’s Day From Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence

Correction: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did Not Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah — ProPublica

In Their Own Words: CIA Cables Document Agency’s Torture of Abu Zubaydah — ProPublica

Dianne Feinstein’s Democratic Opponent, Kevin de León, Urges No Vote on Torturer as CIA Director

Trump taps torturer to head CIA

ADL Creepy New Ad Promotes Censorship Under Online Hate Index


'Bloody Gina' Should Not Lead the CIA

Intercepted Podcast: The Lyin’, the Rich, and the Warmongers


Congresswoman Confirms Erik Prince Tied to Intelligence Operation Run Out of Dick Cheney’s Office


“She Tortured Just for the Sake of Torture”: CIA Whistleblower on Trump’s New CIA Pick Gina Haspel


Pentagon Denies Responsibility for Helping Destroy Yemen, But It Isn't Keeping Records » THE DISTRICT SENTINEL news co-op

Trump's CIA Pick Oversaw Waterboarding at Secret Prison

ICE Spokesperson for San Francisco Leaves Job Because He Says Agency Misleads Public

Trump’s Nominee For CIA Director: This Is What Happens When There’s No Justice For Torture

Scattered ISIS Attacks near Kirkuk; 54 Killed in Iraq - Antiwar.com Original

"His Body Was Badly Swollen" - Chilling Inside Account Of "Coercion And Abuse" At The Riyadh Ritz-Carlton

Debate: Syria, Ghouta, and the Left


If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them

How to Reduce Poverty and Inequality Through State Government Taxes

How Master Propagandists Linked Immigrants to the Florida School Shooting

This Is the Best Chance Yet to Stop the U.S. War on Yemen. Where Are the Major Human Rights Orgs?

Alabama Has Been Torturing Poor People for a Long Time

World's Largest DDoS Attack: US Firm Suffers 1.7 Tbps of DDoS Attack

In the Face of Trump's Volatility, DACA Wends Its Way Through Courts

Could It Happen Here? Donald Trump, Tony Judt, and the Future of American Democracy

ICE Put Immigrant Woman, Who Alleged Sexual Abuse, In Solitary To Make Her Recant Claims

With A Rod Of Iron: AR-15-Toting So-Called Churchgoers Renew Their Commitment To the Blood-Soaked Lunacy of Our Nation Amen

Melania Trump Immigrated to the U.S. Under Very Fishy Circumstances

The Authoritarians Who Silence Syria Questions

Pentagon Admits They Can't Even Tell if Syrian Chemical Attack Happened—Blames Russia Anyway

Supreme Court Ruling Means Immigrants Could Continue To Be Detained Indefinitely

Police Assault Students After Protest at Chicago's Loyola University

'Dystopia Intensifies' as Supreme Court Rules Immigrants Can Be Detained Indefinitely

REVEALED: The long-suppressed official report on US biowarfare in North Korea

ISIS Attacks Oil Field; 208 Killed in Iraq - Antiwar.com Original

Turkish Army Attacks Afrin Convoy, Kurds Say It Was Full of Aid