‘He’s a political prisoner’: Standing Rock activists face years in jail

WikiLeaks Compiles Database Of Public ICE Officials' Information Searchable To Public After ICE And Other Police Found Marrying Activists


LGBT community celebrates annual Pride Parade

City Hall ‘die-in’ marks anniversary of Pulse shooting

Seattle Activists Regroup After Amazon, Other Corporations Defeat Tax To Fund Affordable Housing

Anti-fascist teenager reveals how Russian security services brutally beat and tortured him

Anti-Brexit march to draw tens of thousands to London

Occupy ICE PDX Calls on People to Establish Their Own Occupations and Abolish ICE - It's Going Down


ICE Temporarily Closes Portland Office Amid Tumult Of Protests Across U.S.


Protesters Blockade Immigration Prison in Portland As Cops Plead ‘Allow ICE Employees to Go Home to Their Families’

Protesters Call for End to Cataclysmic War as Yemenis Starve


Former Bank of Canada Head: Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed. So Be It.

South Dakota High Court Blocks Bid to Halt Keystone XL

* Korean Americans * Nuclear Protesters | Accuracy.Org


East Bay Meeting: West Virgina, Arizona & Kentucky Teachers On Their Strikes & The Lessons : Indybay

Fresno Anti-Authoritarians Call to Action : Indybay


Animal Rights Activists Face Multiple Felony Charges, Brought by Prosecutors With Ties to Smithfield Foods

Animal Rights Activists Face Multiple Felony Charges, Brought by Prosecutors With Ties to Smithfield Foods

Climate Justice Protestors Arrested Nationwide

Jordan's Abdullah calls for reviewing tax bill that sparked protests

Jordan’s Prime Minister Ousted Amid Demonstrations — but Protests Against Austerity Continue

Jordan's Prime Minister Resigns Amid Protests Against Austerity

Boycott and Protest at East Bay Coffee Co. Over Illegal Firings and Sexual Harassment : Indybay

How Utah Could End Partisan Gerrymandering – ACLU – Medium

Second J20 Trial Heads To Jury Despite Court Sanctions Against Prosecutors - UNICORN RIOT

With More Gaza Protests Planned, Don’t Believe the Mainstream Media’s Lies

Indigenous Activist: Trudeau’s Purchase of Kinder Morgan Pipeline Is “Huge Step Backward” for Canada

How The Fossil Fuel Industry Creates A Fake Grassroots

Google Won’t Renew Its Drone AI Contract, But It May Still Sign Future Military AI Contracts

Reclaiming African Herbalism as an Act of Resistance

Student Protesters in Puerto Rico Face Trial as Government Criminalizes Dissent

Palestinians Demand Human Rights & Medical Care in Fight to Break Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza

Canadian rail workers, Las Vegas casino workers set to strike as class conflict widens across North America

Bulletproof Warrior Training Manual Released - UNICORN RIOT

Peace Activists Call for Shadow Bank BlackRock to Divest from Military-Industrial Complex

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Tree-Sitters Launch 9th Aerial Blockade of Mountain Valley Pipeline


Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights

Antifa or Antiwar: Leftist Exclusionism Against the Quest for Peace

Palestinians protest in Haifa against Gaza killings

Banner Dropped in NYC in Solidarity with the J20 Defendants - It's Going Down

Inside the Closed Facebook Groups Where the Teacher Strikes Began


North Carolina and the next stage of the teachers’ revolt


Gaza Protests: 58 Palestinians Killed and More Than 2,700 Injured

“It’s Time for Moral Confrontation”: New Poor People’s Campaign Stages Nationwide Civil Disobedience


Charlottesville Marks Anniversary of Spencer’s 1st Torch-lit Rally - It's Going Down

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What Today’s Anti-Trump Resistance Can Learn From a Progressive Who Won in Reagan Country

Colorado Teachers Are Mad as Hell—And Now They’re out on Their First Strike in Decades


The resurgence of class struggle: More strikes in the US so far in 2018 than all of last year


Progressive Black Activists Targeted in New McCarthyism : Interview with Anoa Changa


Iraqi Strikes Kill Four in Syria; Seven Killed in Iraq - Antiwar.com Original


Fed Up With "Tragedy After Tragedy," Student-Led Rally Denounces NRA's "Dangerous Agenda" With Protests Outside Convention

Thousands of Scottish independence supporters march through Glasgow

Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies for Investigation and Rescue That Led to Punishment of a Utah Turkey Farm

In a Crackdown in Argentina, Police Shot for the Head and Blinded Protesters with Rubber Bullets

Prisoners Are Organizing a Nationwide Strike Against “Modern-Day Slavery”


In a National May Day Strike, Puerto Rican Marchers Face Down Tear Gas To Protest Privatization


7 Acts of Native Resistance They Don’t Teach in School

Can the ACLU Remake Itself as a Mass Movement for Progressive Change?

The Historic Korean Peace Declaration Was Made Possible By Social Movements, Not Trump

Episode 4/26/18: Six Dems and the Reactionary Oaf

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Arizona Teachers Are Out On the Largest Strike in State History. Here’s Why.


Protests Against President Ortega in Nicaragua Are Broad but 'Lack Working Class Leadership'


How the NYPD Union Is Manufacturing Outrage About a 70-Year-Old Black Panther’s Parole