Postscript to a letter to extremists

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Dakota Access Pipeline Sabotaged in Several States, Authorities Claim - UNICORN RIOT

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Resister’s Digest: Grilling Gorsuch and Taking It to the Streets Against Trumpcare

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Establishment Reacts To Justice Democrats


"Vandals" Take Blowtorch to DAPL Just Days Before It Goes Operational

Cenk Uygur Tells Democrats How to Fight Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination (Video)

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Oil to Start Flowing Through Dakota Access Pipeline This Week

Prisoner Demands Remain Ignored In Weeks After Vaughn Rebellion

Improbable Partners: Tech and Social Justice Advocates Rally Against Trump : Indybay

Not one inch, Antifa versus anti Muslim bigots in Richardson, Texas - IT'S GOING DOWN

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Jewish Activists Protest Israeli Occupation Outside L.A. AIPAC Offices

Jumping Eagle vs. Trump: Tangerine Bolen & the Case for Standing Rock


A Last Chance for Resistance: Chris Hedges


Divesting From DAPL in Favor of Indian-Owned Credit Unions - Indian Country Media Network

How an Indigenous renewable energy alliance aims to cut power costs and disadvantage

Truthdigger of the Week: Angela Davis, an Activist for the Ages: Natasha Hakimi


Joppa, Maryland: Shut Down Neo-Nazi Music Fest at VFW Hall - IT'S GOING DOWN


Berkeley, CA: Anarchists and Antifa Rally Against Far-Right Terror Attacks Across US - IT'S GOING DOWN

Fan Made Justice Dems Ad Is Pretty Badass

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Baltimore Poised to Pass $15 Min. Wage as Business Lobby Launches Nationwide Rollback Campaign


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Standing Rock Update With Chase Iron Eyes


Dive$t LA March!


How San Francisco Student Activists Made College Free Again

BDS Activist Speaks About His Arrest by Israeli Police


Georgia ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Bill Would Likely Fuel Criminalization Of Muslim And Immigrant Rights Protesters

The faces of protest: Who really are Canada Goose animal-rights activists? | The Villager Newspaper

Montreal Marches Against Police Brutality


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The Sustaining Fires of Standing Rock: a Movement Grows

5 Ways Scientists Are Making Their Voices Heard

Unsung Black Heroines Launched a Modern Domestic Workers Movement—Powered By Their Own Stories

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Los Angeles, CA: Eco-activists Vandalize Trump Golf Course - IT'S GOING DOWN


Defunding Police—How Antiracist Organizers Got Seattle to Listen

If Barack Obama calls you asking for money, don't do it


250 Protestors Demand Enbridge Pipeline Shutdown Over Fears of Great Lakes Oil Spill

#DefundDAPL Protestors Shut Down Wells Fargo Bank in Los Angeles


A Win for South Korea's Revolution | Dissent Magazine

April 1 to 7 - Call for a Week of Solidarity

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Activists Mobilize For Universal Health Care As Republicans Propose Limiting Coverage

Scarsella Trial - Part Five: Cell Phone Extraction Shows Scarsella's Hardened Racism - UNICORN RIOT

Israel Bans Entry to Supporters of the Boycott Movement


Rand Paul Teams Up With Tulsi Gabbard To Stop The U.S. Arming Terrorists | Zero Hedge

British BDS Campaigner Refused Entry To Israel

Weekly Anti-Trump Protests Launch in Baltimore

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Caught On Video: "Environmental Activists" Deface Trump's Palos Verdes Golf Course | Zero Hedge


People March in London Against Cuts on UK's Health Care System

Mayhem At GOP Town Hall!


#OpBlueWhale: "Anonymous" Urges Teens to Quit Playing Suicide Game

The “Freedom Cities” Campaign: Resistance through Progress at the Local Level

Hundreds of schools are working together to reveal the truth about government cuts | The Canary

In Women’s Strike, Media Miss a Moment to Look in Mirror

Another Sign Just Came in That Tar Sands Operations Are on Life Support

Today, Native Americans marched on Washington for their rights — civil, treaty, and human.

THOUSANDS Of Water Protectors Gather in Corruption City


ACLU's People Power Project to Launch With "Cities of Resistance" Effort

"We Want to Stand Up & Be Counted": New Yorkers Speak Out at NYC's Day Without a Woman Rally


Act Out! [103] - Revolutionary Women You’ve Never Heard Of & Bernie Sanders’ New Party


#55: The J20 Protests and Beyond: Anarchists Bring in the Trump Era


Organising the workers whose jobs are made precarious by technology

CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release: U.S. officials

What Makes America Great? Artists Resist Trump With 100 Days of Posters

Gloria Steinem: Let's Withhold Taxes If Trump Cuts Funding for Planned Parenthood & NPR


"A Day Without a Woman" Goes Global


Communities Push Back on Koch Brother's 'Distasteful Effort' to Promote Fossil Fuels

Women’s Strike Organizers Arrested in New York on a Day of Protests Worldwide

Black Lives Matter on International Women's Day

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How to Participate in the March 8th Women's Strike


S1: Episode 2 - Beyond Trump: Rebooting the System from inside the Death Machine


Leading Putin Critic Warns of Xenophobic Conspiracy Theories Drowning U.S. Discourse and Helping Trump

Several Hundred Protesters Gather Downtown Ahead Of International Women's Day Rally


Black Bloc Confronts March 4 Trump in Denver - UNICORN RIOT


Liberal Hypocrisy: Berkeley Clashes Should Serve As Warning - IT'S GOING DOWN

Sanders, Turner and Glover Joined by Thousands for #MarchOnMississippi


These Bernie alums think they've found the secret to reaching Trump voters


Truthdigger of the Week: Bill Owens for Questioning a Raid That Killed His Navy SEAL Son: Natasha Hakimi

Berkeley ‘March 4 Trump’ rally sparks violent clash

Cops Are Harassing & Spying On Living Wage Activists In Memphis

Women on the Front Lines

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Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He’s Not Our Friend by -- Antiwar.com

Environmentalists Take to Trump Tower, Occupy Public Garden | The Indypendent

Every time we take an Uber we’re spreading its social poison | Laurie Penny

Labor and Women's Rights Movement Plan Ambitious Mass Protests to Fight Trumpism


Revealed: Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres' Suspected Killers Received U.S. Military Training


Here's A Form Letter You Can Send Your Employer If You're Planning To Strike For 'A Day Without A Woman'


End prison slavery in Texas now! Part II: Class consciousness and international solidarity

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