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ACLU Report: Detained Immigrant Children Subjected To Widespread Abuse By Officials

Tesla left injuries off the books, but it might not face penalties

Deep in Trump Country, a Democratic Populist Is Facing Off Against a Country Club Republican

Legal Analyst Says Giuliani Basically Admitted Trump's Campaign Broke the Law by Taking 'Gift' from Russians

'I am being arrested': Egyptian blogger blindfolded and dragged away in night

As Landmark Glyphosate Case Moves to Trial, Man Dying of Cancer to Have Day in Court With Monsanto

Freelance Journalists: Open Call For Submissions In June

The Surprising List of Democrats Who Just—Gratuitously—Bowed to Big Finance

Will Europe Defy Trump and Save the Iran Deal?


One Teen and Three FBI Operatives: Was the Government Behind a 17-Year-Old’s Terror Plot in Texas?

Bolton Trying to Convince Trump to Topple Iran

Donald Trump cannot block anyone on Twitter, court rules

'But no one in this is gay!' Tucker Carlson has a complete meltdown over Stormy Daniels Day in West Hollywood

Mayor, City Council intend to change policy on low-level marijuana offenses

Feds bust dozens of Mexican Mafia members

Episode 5/23/18: Hungry for Conflict

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Mark Zuckerberg fielded questions in Brussels today. European parliamentarians say they didn't get answers.

YIMBYs Exposed: The Techies Hawking Free Market “Solutions” to the Nation’s Housing Crisis

Media Ignore Government Influence on Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence

Education Sec. DeVos Unfazed by Conflict of Interest Charges » THE DISTRICT SENTINEL news co-op

Trump offers North Korea “incremental” denuclearisation ahead of planned summit

Italy: Most right-wing government since Mussolini

New York Lawyer Who Threatened to Call ICE on Spanish Speakers Insists He's 'Not A Racist'

Winning Candidates in Growing 2018 Blue Wave Are Emphasizing Personal Concerns in Voters’ Lives

With Medal of Honor, SEAL Team 6 Rewards a Culture of War Crimes

No repeat of data scandal, vows Mark Zuckerberg in Brussels

Antifa or Antiwar: Leftist Exclusionism Against the Quest for Peace

Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights

Lesley Stahl: Donald Trump Said He Attacks the Media “So When You Write Negative Stories About Me, No One Will Believe You”

Pompeo's Message to Iran: Submit or Suffer (Pt. 1/2)


Watch: A Bad Lip Reading of the Royal Wedding


EU Shows Up UK Brexit Trade Fantasies by Opening Bi-Lateral Negotiations With Australia and New Zealand | naked capitalism

Propornot 2 — Setting Up the Atlantic Council for Lawsuits

Tree-Sitters Launch 9th Aerial Blockade of Mountain Valley Pipeline


Question for Discussion: Is Russia an Adversary Nation?

A building El Niño in 2018 signals more extreme weather for 2019

Want To Know How To Fix Facebook? Listen to Black Twitter.

As DRC Ebola Outbreak Reaches City, Trump's Slashing of Global Health Funds Decried as 'Crazily Short-Sighted'

An Equifax and Facebook Lawyer Will Now Run the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection

We’re All Zucked

Bitcoin’s energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual

What Palestinians?

Haspel Could Be Subject to Arrest Abroad Under Universal Jurisdiction

Jewish Americans Condemn US Gov. Support for Israel's Massacre of Gazans


Academics protest Google’s role in drone murder

A Veteran's Gaza Stream-of-Consciousness: Just What've I Been Fighting For? - Antiwar.com Original

Trump Hits North Korea With Barrage of Mixed Signals

"Alarming": Facebook Teams Up With Think-Tank Funded by Saudi Arabia and Military Contractors to "Protect" Democracy

For Data Privacy Day, Play Privacy As A Team Sport

Here's the #1 Factor Experts Say Accounts for High Number of Mass Shootings in the US