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Senator Wyden Asks NSA Director Nominee the Right Questions

The Salisbury attack was appalling. But we must avoid a drift to conflict | Jeremy Corbyn

Bottled Water, Brought to You by Fracking?

Congress Proposes to Fight Online Trafficking By Harming Sex Workers

Seven U.S. Airmen Among 131 Killed in Iraq - Antiwar.com Original

Is Trump About to Exile Jared Kushner From the White House?

YouTube To Introduce Conspiracy Theory Debunking Information Boxes On Videos


Data firm pitched 'illegal offer targeting overseas donors' to Leave.EU

Blind Users Celebrate as Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Bill Drops

From Russia, with Panic | Yasha Levine

Beaten, Tased, and Arrested for Jaywalking While Black

Neoliberals Are Taking All the Wrong Lessons From Conor Lamb’s Victory

Dianne Feinstein’s Democratic Opponent, Kevin de León, Urges No Vote on Torturer as CIA Director

Is Facebook Going Extinct? Shifting Algorithms Push Users Toward New Platforms

Southern Poverty Law Center Apologizes For Article Linking Journalists With Fascists Allegedly Influenced By Russia

Three bits of advice for blockchain advocates who think they understand aid

No Cards Left to Play but the Threat of Armageddon

In Their Own Words: CIA Cables Document Agency’s Torture of Abu Zubaydah — ProPublica

Correction: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did Not Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah — ProPublica

Donatella Versace Says Fur Is Over: ‘It Doesn’t Feel Right’

Stephen Hawking: Fighter for Progressive Politics


The One Thing Democrats Should Learn From Conor Lamb

Mexico: Police Arrest Fourth Suspect in Disappearance of 43 Students

5 Things We Know About the People Who Live Longest

Saudis in Secret Peace Talks With Yemen’s Houthis

UK's claims questioned: doubts voiced about source of Salisbury novichok

U.S. Military Helicopter Crash; 63 Killed in Iraq - Antiwar.com Original

Inside the Trump Circus of Corruption

Russian Plane Loses 3 Tons of Gold on Takeoff

Coca-Cola Sees Public Health Debate as 'a Growing War,' Documents Reveal

Impossible Burger Executive Grilled at Sustainable Foods Summit

Trump Administration Seeks to Gut Water Pollution Safeguards, Putting Communities at Risk

Complete ACM Columns Collection

Unanimous Support in Berkeley for Community Control of Spy Tech

The Racist Origin of the Second Amendment and the Rise of Black Gun Ownership

The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs

Is Facebook Going Extinct? Young Users Flock to New Platforms

Rand Paul Announces He'll Oppose Trump's State Dept. & CIA Nominees

As tensions escalate, UK expels 23 Russian diplomats

Teen Solidarity Against The Merchants Of Death

Senators Introduce New Bill to Protect Digital Privacy at the Border

After “Rexit,” Iran Nuke Deal in Peril » THE DISTRICT SENTINEL news co-op

Trump Replaces Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo at State; Torturer Named New Head of CIA


Anti-Russia campaign follows alleged poisoning of former UK/Russian double agent and daughter

Newly Tapped Sec of State Mike Pompeo Comes with Deep Ties to the Koch Brothers


Democrat Conor Lamb on Verge of Winning Pennsylvania House Seat in Major Upset Victory Against Trump and GOP

Tillerson Fired by Trump Hours After Blaming Russia for Chemical Attack in U.K.

Mike Pompeo on North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan

Angering Organic Farmers and Advocates, Trump's USDA Kills Animal Welfare Rule

The Strange Case of the Russian Spy Poisoning