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Massive Oil Spill Not Expected to Influence Nebraska's Decision on Keystone XL

Nebraska Approves Keystone XL Pipeline as Opponents Face Criminalization of Protests

Young Turks And Reporter Abruptly Part Ways Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Carly Hammond Speaks Out About Huff Post Article Allegations Against Jordan Chariton


Puerto Rico Remains in Crisis Mode After Hurricane Maria (Video)


Ignoring Washington’s Role in Yemen Carnage, 60 Minutes Paints US as Savior

I'm a trans teenager in Northern Ireland, where bigotry is taught at school

Richard Dawkins schools the government for voting that 'animals can't feel pain or emotion' | The Canary

China faces looming energy crisis, warns state-funded study (EXCLUSIVE)

The Lost Journalistic Standards of Russia-gate

Florida Schools' Food Waste Program: A Win-Win to Fight Hunger and Save the Environment

Tom Goldtooth: Carbon Trading is “Fraudulent” Scheme to Privatize Air & Forests to Permit Pollution


Nebraska gives the green light to Keystone XL — with a twist.

Young Voters Turn to Socialism as Solution


German government coalition talks stall

8 Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Sexual Misconduct: Report

Seven J20 Activists go to Trial This Week


Paradise Papers Lifts The Veil On The Role Of Offshore Finance In Asia - ICIJ

Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find

Electoral Commission launches inquiry into leave campaign funding

Large Operation Against ISIS in Hawija; 30 Killed in Iraq - Antiwar.com Original

Episode 11/20/17: North Korea Added to Stupid List

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US Sanctions European Companies Over Iran ‘Counterfeiting Scheme’

Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Gets Fed Up with Trump's Antics and Tells Him to 'Act Like' a President

Why We're Helping The Stranger Unseal Electronic Surveillance Records

11/15: Homeless in Googleville


Will Congress Bless Internet Fast Lanes?

Soil Management: Key to Fighting Climate Change?

The U.S. Decided to Show Up for the U.N. Climate Conference — to Lobby for Coal

Sorting Through the JFK File Dump - Chuck Ochelli on The Corbett Report


‘Hot Potato’ Shows Why Workers Won’t Benefit From Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut

Belabored Podcast #139: Fighting Harassment on the Farm | Dissent Magazine


Roy Moore's Preposterous Threat Against an Alabama News Publisher Backfires Spectacularly

Racist Cult Leader Charles Manson Dead at 83

Barbara Lee’s War on War

Digital Superpowers Poised To Increase Global Inequities Under the Label of E-Commerce


Carly Hammond Situation


Solutions Journalism Reporting Internship

Guardian, NYT Paint Power-Grabbing Saudi Dictator as Roguish, Visionary ‘Reformer’

How to Protect Yourself Against Spearphishing: A Comic Explanation

Trump’s “Extreme-Vetting” Software Will Discriminate Against Immigrants “Under a Veneer of Objectivity,” Say Experts

KGB started watching Trump in 1977 and made first move to recruit him as an asset in 1986: report

The Truth About RT America


California sticks it to Trump and takes the lead on climate change

Imagining a New Social Order: Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin in Conversation

Egypt Reopens Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza Strip

Iraq PM Bans Militia Leaders From May Election

Court Rules That EFF's Stupid Patent of the Month Post Is Protected Speech

Vox Still Gaslighting Progressives About Rigged Primary


The End of Night: Why We Need Darkness In the Age of Artificial Light