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Racism After the First Black President

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70% Tax Proposal Is a Great Start—But We Need to Abolish the Ultra-Rich

House Democrats’ HR 1 – Faking the Funk on Voting Rights, Spreading Fear and Gunning For the Greens in 2020 | Black Agenda Report


Judge unseals trove of internal Facebook documents following our legal action

The FBI Says Its Photo Analysis Is Scientific Evidence. Scientists Disagree. — ProPublica

Who Killed Marielle Franco? An Ex-Rio de Janeiro Cop With Ties to Organized Crime, Say Six Witnesses in Police Report

Millions of Women Already Live in a Post-Roe America: A Journey Through the Anti-Abortion South

Trump’s Articles of Impeachment are Writing Themselves, with Echoes of Richard Nixon Growing Stronger

Ivanka Trump issues carefully worded denial of BuzzFeed report on Trump Tower Moscow

Gillette totally missed the mark with their campaign against toxic masculinity - but they aren't the only ones

Marine Mammals and Turtles Protected by the Endangered Species Act Are Bouncing Back

Rep. Ro Khanna: U.S. Troops Are a “Sitting Target” in Syria; It’s Time to Bring Them Home


Steve King Isn’t the Only Elected Official Pursuing a White Supremacist Vision for America

How Education and Healthcare Create More Jobs Than Military Spending | Accuracy.Org

The Guardian view on warming oceans: a rising toll | Editorial

Tree attack at East-side forest of People’s Park in early morning : Indybay

Teachers’ Strike and PR Campaign Against Them | Accuracy.Org


Russiagate Frenzy “Threatens to End Superpower Diplomacy” | Accuracy.Org

After 3 Decades, Privatization Has Been Proven a Failure. Let’s Bury It for Good.

Millennials Are Ruining Trust Funds

Why Are Federal Workers Selling Oil Drilling Rights in the Midst of a Shutdown?

Floyd Abrams: Barr’s Stance “Deeply Threatening to First Amendment” | Accuracy.Org

San Francisco March: Annual MLK March/Parade Honoring Civil Rights History : Indybay

Uniting For A Green New Deal


US authorities arrest Muslim-American journalist without charge | The Canary

Climate Change Is an Existential Crisis—It Should Be ​the Top Political Issue, Too

After a Weekend of Explosive Revelations, How Much More Is Trump Hiding?

“Public Education Is Not Your Plaything”: L.A. Teachers Strike Against Privatization & Underfunding

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70,000 workers strike at US-Mexico border sweatshops

Democrats Have No Excuse for Not Embracing Medicare for All

“A Fight for the Soul of Britain”: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Goes Down in Historic Defeat

L.A. Teachers to Billionaires: Stop Privatizing Our Schools


Earth Strike Protests Build Toward Sept. 27th General Strike On Climate Change


Daily Movement — Even Household Chores — May Boost Brain Health In Elderly

Toward a Circular Economy: Tackling the Plastics Recycling Problem

The Age of Technology Requires Us All to Reimagine Politics


The Biggest Issues for Wildlife and Endangered Species in 2019

Kids These Days Know Better Than Older Generations. Let Them Lead

9 Things You Need to Know About the Pipeline Blockade in B.C.

The Federal Government Offers a Case Study in Bad Email Tracking

Five Forces Driving the Rise of Fascism in 2019

Can Cooperatives Save Us From the Next Economic Crisis?

Nutritionists launch portion size guide to tackle overeating

May makes last-ditch bid to win over Commons to Brexit deal

Study: U.S. Newspapers Are More Than Twice As Likely to Cite Israeli Sources in Headlines Than Palestinian Ones

How Misdemeanors Turn Innocent People Into Criminals

This Robot Is Delivering Coral Babies to the Great Barrier Reef

The US Conflict With China: China And The Uyghurs

What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals

Ex-Obama HUD Chief Julián Castro Enters 2020 Presidential Race