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Leading arts world figures urge Radiohead to cancel Israel gig


Le Pen attacks Macron as France's mainstream rallies behind him

How Can We Save a Free Press that Has Integrity?


Maryland Disproportionately Arrests Blacks for Marijuana but Rejects Diversity in Medical Licenses

WTF? Saudi Arabia Appointed to U.N. Women's Rights Commission

Snipers Protect Workers in New Orleans as They Remove Confederate Statue

Temporary Truce in a Democratic Party Civil War: The Sanders & Perez Unity Tour


Rep. Ro Khanna: Progressive Movement Is Truly Organic

"See You in Court": Kids Suing Trump Admin over Climate Change Speak Out at March for Science


Stop Using Unroll.me, Right Now. It Sold Your Data To Uber.

Macron-Le Pen: a Fight for the French Presidency and the Definition of Patriotism

When Science Strikes Back: March for Science Draws Many Thousands Worldwide


Rep. Ro Khanna: Progressive Movement Is Truly Organic


"I'm a Black Girl Who Rocks STEM": Young, Trans, Black & Native Scientists Take to Stage in D.C.


Newsbud Exclusive- The Balkanization of Syria & Iraq: The Roadmap to US-Israeli Hegemony in the Middle East

Fighting Against Fracking In Colombia - Indian Country Media Network

Work Less, Live More

Mainstream Media Won't Disclose Contributors Who Work For Weapons Companies


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Is About To Grow: Here's What It Means


For the First Time, a U.S. President Backs a Fascist France

Former Trump State Campaign Chair Charged With Human Sex Trafficking of a Minor

How Gentrification Is Killing US Cities and Black Lives

Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story - UNICORN RIOT

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Macron to face Le Pen after first round of French presidential election

Russia Blog, Day 1: The Strange Activist Who “Provoked” Chechnya’s Anti-Gay Crackdown - By Mark Ames - The eXiled

Republicans Tout Financial Crash Architect As Regulation Expert


Je ne suis pas Charlie - by Max Blumenthal and James Kleinfeld


10 Of The Best Signs From The March For Science

Science Strikes Back: Anti-Trump March Set to Draw Thousands to Washington


How the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara sparked Earth Day


Solar-Powered “Mr. Trash Wheel” Has Removed Over A Million Lbs of Trash From Baltimore Inner Harbor

Congress Just Filed A Bill To Allow Ex-Presidents To Remove Trump From Office

DAPL Developer Spills Drilling Fluids Into Wetlands While Constructing Another Pipeline

US Preparing Charges Against Julian Assange

Friday briefing: shadow of terror falls over Paris again

Trump Hopes Paris Attack Boosts Le Pen, One Day After Obama Calls Macron

Theresa May's election campaign in crisis as her core team quit one by one | The Canary

How an Activist Campaign Toppled Fox News' Biggest Star

Using Electronic Signals to Create Super Soldiers, Control Behavior, and Talk to Dolphins


In Photos: Scientists Worldwide Fight Back Against Anti-Science Trump Agenda

Google now threatening Alt-News web-sites

Newsbud Exclusive- Trump’s Pentagon Bombs Caves Built by the CIA


Stanley Roberts Reports From This Year's 4/20, 'A Street Fair With Weed'

It's Official: Top Psychiatrists at Yale Conference Warn That Trump Has a 'Dangerous Mental Illness'

Quantum cryptography is unbreakable. So is human ingenuity – Joshua Holden | Aeon Ideas

'Payout Time': Exxon Seeks Waiver From U.S. Sanctions to Drill in Russia

Breaking: Facebook Announces Mind-Controlled Computer Technology

Yanis Varoufakis: Democratizing the European Union & Multinational Corporations


RESIST DAY #91: What You Can Do Today


The Government’s Own Data Shows Country of Origin Is a Poor Predictor of Terrorist Threat