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Impeachment Trial Will Take Sanders and Warren Off the Campaign Trail

Help Us Understand Logging and Timber Practices Across Oregon — ProPublica

The Wealthy Have Transformed Campaign Finance a Decade After "Citizens United"

We Want a World Without Police. These Organizers Are Charting the Way.

EasyJet reports strong first quarter boosted by Thomas Cook collapse

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Christian Radical—And Saint

The Forgotten Socialist History of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Trump Administration Just Opened a New Immigrant Prison in Rural Michigan

Reclaim MLK: Emergency Guerilla Housing To Be Built for Unsheltered Oaklanders : Indybay

Martin Luther King Jr. Warned That the Poor Pay for War With Their Lives

10 Ways Trump’s Aggression Against Iran Hurts Americans and the Region

Democrats Respond to Trump's Official Statement on Impeachment Charges

Trump Wants to Funnel More Income Upward Through His China Trade Deal

Why It Matters to Say Qassim Suleimani Was Assassinated

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Allows Racist, Sexist Political Ads

New Immigrant DNA Collection Program Triggers Fear of Population Surveillance

Bernie Sanders Leads in "Gold-Standard" Iowa Primary Poll for First Time

ACLU News & Commentary

The Faces of Extinction: The Species We Lost in 2019

France Enters Second Month of National Strike


Trump Administration Proposes Death-Dealing Rule Change for Disability Benefits

The Democratic Party’s Iran Warhawks Who Fly Under the Radar

Congress Finally Begins to Assert Its War Powers Authority

Warren Stands to Gain From Castro Donors After Endorsement

Climate Activists Can’t Afford to Ignore Labor. A Shuttered Refinery in Philly Shows Why.

New York City Mayor Asks for Criminal Investigation Into Trump Taxes

International Day of Solidarity with Okinawa in San Francisco / 沖縄国際連帯デーinサンフランシスコ : Indybay

Progressives Slam Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott's Decision to Refuse New Refugees

More States Are Reconsidering Medicaid Work Requirements

In Massachusetts, Minors Need Permission for Abortion, But That Could Change

The U.S. Public Doesn't Want War With Iran. The Senate Must Reaffirm That.

Ranked Choice Voting Gains Traction for 2020


10 Years Ago, We Pledged To Help Haiti Rebuild. Then What Happened?

No war on Iran. No war on women. : Indybay

Deadly "Super-Pollution Events" Are on the Rise

Cities in the Crosshairs Are Pushing Back Against Nuclear Weapons

Rise in Anti-Semitism Presents Moment to Be Vigilant Against All Oppression

Minneapolis Activists Ask Local Leaders to Invest in Communities, Not Cops

Nearly 150 Arrested at Protests Exposing Wall Street’s Link to Climate Crisis


Fascism Expert: Trump Has Laid the Groundwork for "Full-On Authoritarian Rule"

Obama Normalized Drone Warfare. Trump Is Escalating It.

Mitch McConnell Is Trying to Free Trump From the Rule of Law

New emails show the Justice Department is helping Big Oil fight climate lawsuits

To Manage Fires, Australia Must Follow the Lead of Aboriginal Communities

ACLU News & Commentary

Trump Embraces Anti-LGBTQ Pastor Who Pushed “Conversion Therapy”

AOC, Sanders and Velázquez Demand Trump End Hold on Puerto Rico Relief Funds

In Iowa, Rashida Tlaib and the Sunrise Movement Push the Green New Deal—and Bernie Sanders

Riot Police Evict Oakland Moms Who Reclaimed Vacant Home to Fight Homelessness

Donald Trump Keeps Saying "Deep State." It Doesn't Mean What He Thinks It Means.