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Judge Denies Assange Extension on Extradition Hearing

EDITORIAL: Don't Railroad Julian Assange to Virginia

Hillary Clinton Accuses Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard of Being Linked to Russia

Bolivia Presidential Election Appears to Head for a Runoff

Solidarity Rally: New York Attorney General Tish James Sues ExxonMobil


Gabbard Fires Back at Clinton Suggestion That She's Russia's Pawn

Kaiser therapists take to the streets to protest HMO’s failure to provide mental health services : Indybay

ACLU News & Commentary

NO "Green" Capitalism : Indybay

What You Need To Know About a Federal Gun Buyback

Global Wildfires Are Raging, Leaving Long-Lasting Damage

Why Taking Responsibility for Our Carbon Emissions Means Promoting the Right to Repair

Scores more heart attacks and strokes on high pollution days, figures show

Lebanon’s ‘October Revolution’ must go on!

Mexico Gunbattle Underscores How Government Has Ceded to Cartels

'It's hard': Meghan says friends warned her not to marry Harry because of British tabloids – video

Scientists 'may have crossed ethical line' in growing human brains

The coming Chicago teachers strike could be felt across the country


Trump Doesn’t Mind Video Incitement to Kill Journalists


Trump and Erdogan have Much in Common – and the Kurds will be the Tragic Victims of Their Idiocy

Outcry after Trump fails to condemn fake video of him shooting opponents

House Dems Seek Probe Into "Suspicious" Stock Trades Following Trump Statements

Deadly Southern California Wildfires Destroy Mobile Homes, Force 100,000 to Flee

Ecuadorian Government Withdraws IMF Decree After 11 Days of Protests and State Repression

Months After ICE Raids, An Impoverished Mississippi Community Is Still Reeling

Congress prepares to unload on Trump's disastrous Syria policy

Facebook CEO Cozies up to Conservatives at Private Dinners

Trump Orders Turkey Sanctions as U.S. Scrambles for Syria Exit

SF Embarcadero Rally As Nationwide Drive To Impeach Trump Begins : Indybay

Kurds in San Francisco Protest Betrayal by the US : Indybay

Art In Struggle For Women & Prisoners In Iran: The Mural, The Artists & Women : Indybay

The Embargo Deepens As Adobe And Oracle Leave Venezuela

Ecuadorians Protest Neo-liberal Austerity And Win

Mike Pompeo's laughable defense of Syria withdrawal inspires fierce backlash: 'Building foreign mobster ties is not a coalition'

California Lawmakers Passed a Bill Banning Private Prisons

Kurdish Massacres: One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

Mike Elk on GM Strike, Trinity Tran on Public Banking


Ellsberg: Plowshares Action Justified to Prevent Omnicide - Accuracy.Org

Giuliani Has Been Under Investigation by Federal Prosecutors for Months

Chicago Teachers Won Public Support for Their Strike. Here’s How.


Why the Argument that Medicare for All Will Curtail “Freedom” Is So, So Wrong

DC’s Atlantic Council Raked in Funding from Hunter Biden’s Corruption-Stained Ukrainian Employer While Courting His VP Father

Protecting the ‘Whistleblower’ & Other Preposterous Pranks

Joe Biden, in Stumbling Debate Performance, Claims Credit for Elizabeth Warren’s Signature Achievement

Opioid Crisis Cost $631 Billion to U.S. Economy Over 4 Years, Study Says

Why the Argument that Medicare for All Will Curtail “Freedom” Is So, So Wrong

California Governor vetoes $2 billion affordable housing bill

Metropolitan Police impose London-wide ban on Extinction Rebellion protests as arrests top 1,500

Syria vs Erdogan? - Accuracy.Org

Spanish police attack mass protests against prison terms for Catalan nationalists