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EFF to Supreme Court: Protect the Privacy of Cross-Border Data

EFF to Court: Linking Is Not Copyright Infringement

The Trump Admin’s Approval of Medicaid Work Requirements Is a Slap in the Face to the Poor

California Police Chiefs Misrepresent License Plate Privacy Bill

Farming Brings Refugees Closer to Home Through Food and Community

False alarm of incoming missile in Japan

These 18 Senate Democrats Just Voted to Hand Trump Mass Spying Powers

#MeToo isn’t enough. Now women need to get ugly | Barbara Kingsolver

No Foreign Bases: Challenging the Footprint of US Empire

Repression Against Honduran Opposition Intensifies


Catalonia Independence Crisis Intensifies Spain's Political Divide


Abbas Gives Up on US, but Palestinians Give Up on Him


House Spending Bill Changes Law To Let Trump Administration Secretly Shift Intelligence Money

Fracking Lobbyists Plan to Spend Big at Trump Hotel

Intercepted Podcast: White Mirror


Neo-Nazis On 4Chan Ready New Poster Campaign to Target Women's Studies Departments on January 21st - It's Going Down

Iranian tanker wreck in East China Sea kills dozens amid ecological disaster

Donald Trump faces backlash as he reveals 'Fake News Awards' winners

Trump ex-aide Bannon agrees to Mueller probe interview, avoiding grand jury

Trump administration bars Haitians from US visas for low-skilled work

Mueller Team Investigating Whether Russia Funneled Money to Trump Campaign Through NRA: Report

Tell the Copyright Office: Keep Safe Harbors Safe

How License Plate Covers Would Protect Vulnerable Communities

An Open Letter to Our Community On Congress’s Vote to Extend NSA Spying From EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn

Dear White People, Stop Making Racism All About You

Stop the Senate from Extending NSA Spying

Meat and the H-Word | Current Affairs

3 Reasons to Be Hopeful About Our P​lanet in 2018

Syrian Kurds Urge UN Action to Prevent Turkish Invasion


This Town Built a Market Where Neighbors Can Take What They Want for Free

Dreamers of America

DHS' Threat to Prosecute Officials of Sanctuary Cities Is Unconstitutional

The Netherlands Can Feed the World. Here’s Why It Shouldn’t

Community Broadband: Privacy, Access, and Local Control

A Slow Boat to Fast Data: Why is Palestine Still Waiting for 3G?

This Tweet Captures Exactly What Men Need to Understand About Where Aziz Ansari Went Wrong

Appalachia Puts Environmental Human Rights to the Test

Administration of Denial: Trump's Shock and Awe Attack on the Environment

Free Press Among First to Take FCC to Court for Unpopular and Unjustified Net Neutrality Decision

Best at Winning Disapproval: Trump's First Year Breaks Record for Lowest Approval Rating Ever

New NASA Study Solves Climate Mystery, Confirms Methane Spike Tied to Oil and Gas

Hungry for Change in Our Food System? ''A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism'' Tells You Where to Begin

Some Cities Aren’t Waiting Around for Trump to Gut Net Neutrality—They Are Building Their Own

Switzerland's response to Donald Trump may explain why he just cancelled his UK visit [VIDEO] | The Canary


Walmart Pulls Devious Two-Step by Pairing Wage Hikes With Mass Layoffs

‘His head exploded’: Michael Wolff laughs over Trump’s attempt to stop ‘Fire and Fury’ publication

‘I’m not a racist’: Trump gripes to reporters in Florida that he’s being unfairly maligned

Rescue phase ends in Montecito mudslide zone

The World Bank says it will redo its competitiveness rankings after unfairly influencing them for years

Oaxaca: Indigenous People Remain Displaced After Expulsion for Not Voting for Ruling Party - It's Going Down