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Meet Tarana Burke, Activist Who Started “Me Too” Campaign to Ignite Conversation on Sexual Assault


Federal Court Dismisses Resolute SLAPP Suit Against Greenpeace

16 Years In A f g h a n i s t a n ... But Why?


The National Park Service has both a sexual harassment and a discrimination problem.

Vulnerability in WPA2 Protocol Allows Attackers to Intercept and Decrypt Encrypted Data Traffic

Tesla Factory Dogged By Allegations Of Racist Attacks By Workers That Went Unpunished

Escalating Kaepernick’s Protest to Victory

Trump Is Now Exploiting John Kelly's Dead Son to Push His Deranged New Lie About Obama

Google Is So Big, It Is Now Shaping Policy to Combat the Opioid Epidemic. And It’s Screwing It Up.

As Trump Critics Demand Diplomacy, North Korea Warns Nuclear War Could Be Imminent

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Hollywood Infested With “Child Sex Trafficking”

Media Silent As Gov’t Uses Vegas Shooting to Push Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

Real Media: The Value of Data


UN Urges World Leaders to Heed Climate Risk, Warns of More Severe Disasters

Call for Submissions: Decolonize This

On World Food Day, Pope Francis Says Link Between Climate Change and Hunger Is Undeniable

Americans Named in Panama Papers Leak


Who Owns Puerto Rico’s Debt, Exactly? We’ve Tracked Down 10 of the Biggest Vulture Firms.

Meet Tarana Burke, the Activist Who Started #MeToo Campaign to Ignite Conversation on Sexual Assault

Whistleblower Protections in USA Liberty Act Not Enough

The US Military's ''Generational Approach'': Nowadays, Our Wars Don't End

5 Ways to Take Your Love of the Outdoors to the Next Level

COINTELPRO 2? FBI Targets “Black Identity Extremists” Despite Surge in White Supremacist Violence

“Everything was on Fire”: CA Resident Describes Fleeing 30-Foot-High Flames Surrounding Her Ranch


Liquid genocide: fighting addiction on Pine Ridge reservation


USA Liberty Act Won’t Fix What’s Most Broken with NSA Internet Surveillance

Fighting for the Pillars of Democracy: Independent Media and an Open Internet

Puerto Rico's streets crawl with heavily armed, masked mercenaries bearing no insignia or nametags

SWAT Team Raids Autonomous Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico - It's Going Down

Inmate firefighter walks away from Canyon Fire 2 fire line

Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties in Somalia’s worst terrorist attack

Government May ‘Seize’ Citizens’ Fingerprints To Unlock Apple Devices, Federal Court Rules

For Abandoning Climate Accord, Pope Swipes Trump on World Food Day

Profiting from America’s Longest War: Trump Seeks to Exploit Mineral Wealth of Afghanistan

Tennessee Man Fired For Sitting Down During the National Anthem

Planned Rail Line Would Intersect Kenya’s Nairobi National Park

Ireland: Remnants of Hurricane Ophelia Make Landfall

Pentagon: US Kills Dozens in Yemen Training Camp Attacks

Millions of Unhappy Iranians Comment on Trump's Instagram Post in Just One Day

US Military Sees Growing Injuries, Deaths, in Non-Combat Situations

Tillerson: North Korea Diplomacy Will Continue Until ‘First Bomb Drops’

Our Revolution Somerville’s Campaign to Separate the Progressives from the Poseurs

The Nina Turner Show: The Role of the Protestor with Erica Garner


Trump Once Joked Pence Wants to 'Hang' All LGBT People: Report

Driscoll Fruit is Being Boycotted Because of Slave-Like Labor Conditions on


Top Trump Official John Kelly Ordered ICE to Portray Immigrants as Criminals to Justify Raids

Out of Control: A Brief History of Neoliberal Deregulation in the USA

Kurds Flee as Baghdad Captures Kirkuk; 60 Killed, 133 Wounded - Antiwar.com Original

Hidden US War in Colombia: 50 Years of Atrocities & Impunity