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A Progressive Platform To Take Back Chicago in 2019

Tuesday briefing: Third woman expected to accuse Trump court pick

Report: Senate Aides Knew of Second Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Claim & Tried to Rush His Confirmation


The UN Accidentally Released Passwords and Sensitive Data to the Entire Internet

Marijuana Arrests Spike, Outpace Arrests for All Violent Crimes Combined

How Much Does Climate Change Cost? Try $1.5 Trillion (and Counting)

The Woman Aiming to Get 50 Million Americans Into the Worker-Owner Economy

Students at Yale Law School, Kavanaugh's Alma Mater, Join Nationwide Protests Against His Confirmation

Understanding 1.5°C: The IPCC’s Forthcoming Special Report

3D Gun Designer, Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault Of A Minor, Freed On Bail

'Lion King' Puppet Technician Arrested After Allegedly Printing 3D Gun At Theater

Democratic Socialism beyond the New Deal

Bipartisan Furor as North Carolina Election Law Shrinks Early Voting Locations by Almost 20 Percent — ProPublica

Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” Aims Not at Trump But at Those Who Created the Conditions That Led to His Rise

NASA's New Space Laser to Measure Earth's Changing Ice

Keystone XL Pipeline Developer Plans to Start Construction in 2019

Instagram co-founders resign to explore 'creativity again'

Parents Face Tougher Rules to Get Immigrant Children Back

China Retaliates Against US Sanctions Over Russian Military Equipment

Journalist Dies During German Police Sweep of Hambach Forest - UNICORN RIOT

Hedging Bets in Syria, Turkey Attempts to Repair Relations With Israel

Over 3,300 Syrian Civilians Killed in US-Led Airstrikes: Report

The Terror Attack in Iran May Drag the US Into a Much Larger War

How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis

Kavanaugh faces a new accuser

To Catch a Torturer: One Attorney’s 28-Year Pursuit of Racist Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge

A Bold Foreign Policy Platform for the New Wave of Left Lawmakers

Fate of Syria’s Idlib Rests on What Al-Qaeda Does Next

Jeff Sessions wants to detain asylum seekers indefinitely

New Bill Would Ensure No Woman Is Forced to Give Birth in Chains

Don’t Trust Jeff Bezos’s Preschool Philanthropy Scheme

2018 Pan African Global Trade and Investment Week : Indybay

Whole Foods Sues Animal Rights Activists, Seeking to Stop Protests : Indybay

Future Generations Will Mourn What the EPA Did on 9/11

Does #MeToo Have the Power to Take Down a Supreme Court Nominee?

Which Toni Preckwinkle Is Running for Chicago Mayor?

Journalism Powered By You

Yemen’s Descent Into Hell: a Saudi-American War of Terror

What History Books Left Out About Depression Era Co-ops

5 Ways Small Actions Have Huge Power


Facebook Building a 'War Room' to Battle Election Meddling and Fake News

Farming as Resistance

I Support NFL Players’ Protests. But I’m Not Boycotting the NFL


The Lost Indigenous Housing Designs

Pentagon Hypes 'Body Count' in Afghanistan to Sell More War

Trump Has Suggested Building a Giant Wall in the Sahara — but It Already Exists

Your future home could be in a flood zone — and no one’s required to tell you

Thousands of Mental Health Professionals Agree With Bob Woodward: Trump is Dangerous

The 'Resistance' Supports Trump's Evil Agendas While Attacking Fake Nonsense

Michael Moore: Are We Going to Be Like the “Good Germans” Who Let Hitler Rise to Power?