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Air pollution from Harvey was bad. This Houston petrochemical fire is worse.

Does Medicare for All Mean Abolishing Insurance Companies?

Tom Geoghegan: 4 Things We the People Can Do About Our Unjust Voting System and a President Trump

Federal authorities raided Trump fundraiser’s office in money laundering probe

Wave of New Zealanders Handing in Guns for Destruction After Terror Attack

The world just joined together to tell Trump: 'Hands off Venezuela' | The Canary

Elizabeth Warren Gets the Argument Against the Electoral College Exactly Right

Will New Zealand (and the U.S.) Finally Follow Australia on Gun Laws? | Accuracy.Org

Whatever Nancy Pelosi says, youthful zest is moving US politics to the left | Clio Chang

UCSC on Strike: AFSCME Solidarity Strike with UPTE : Indybay


WILLIAM BLUM: Sucking Liberals into a New Cold War

Trump's Backward Move on Drone Civilian Casualties

Trump and Bolsonaro Meeting | Accuracy.Org

At Ross Camp, Plain Clothes Police Officer Claims He's "Just a Ride-Along" : Indybay

The Cambridge Analytica scandal changed the world – but it didn't change Facebook

‘Monumental step backwards’: The $1 billion gas pipeline project dividing New York

Ted Cruz fined $35,000 for not properly disclosing campaign loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank

The science of the con: Elizabeth Holmes' all-American scam reveals why we fall for frauds

New Zealand PM Ardern Urges Her Nation To Make Gunman 'Nameless'

Russia Criminalizes The Spread Of Online News Which 'Disrespects' The Government

Japan Is Betting Big On The Future Of Hydrogen Cars

European Moves to Restrict Palm Oil Have Enraged Malaysia and Indonesia

Exposure of Another Pro-War Lie Doesn’t Make Media More Skeptical of Pro-War Claims

Your Favorite Podcast May Soon Be Union as Gimlet Media Becomes First in the Industry to Organize


What It Will Take to Build Union Support for the Green New Deal—Despite the AFL-CIO

Capitalism is destroying the Earth. We need a new human right for future generations | George Monbiot

404 Page Not Found | Kate Wagner

With Beto O’Rourke, There’s No There There

UK Parliament Rejects Latest Brexit Deal, Corbyn Calls for New Elections


Nancy Pelosi Tacitly Admits That Russiagate Is Bullshit

'It's our time to rise up': youth climate strikes held in 100 countries

Young People Feel Betrayed by Adults Over the Climate Crisis. Today, They’re Going on Strike.


Global Climate Strike In Pictures: Millions Of Students Walk Out To Demand Planetary Transformation

Youth Climate Strike Brings Thousands to Streets of London


Federal Authorities Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office in Money Laundering Probe — ProPublica

Is ICE Trying to Intimidate Anti-Trump and Anti-ICE Protest?


Brexit: No-deal tariff plan would be 'sledgehammer' for economy, says CBI – Politics live

Sean Hannity just announced Tucker Carlson is going on 'vacation' after unearthed tapes drew backlash

Rich people can buy their kids' access to elite colleges — and it looks like Jared Kushner's father did just that

The new art of making friends

‘Regenerative agriculture’: World-saving idea or food marketing ploy?

'Identity Evropa' Leader Fails To Sneakily Rebrand Neo-Nazi Group - UNICORN RIOT

Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Admits to Making a "Mistake"

Empire Unravelling: Will Huawei Become Washington’s Suez?

Rashida Tlaib: Impeach Trump Now

SFLC Supports Julian Assange, Rovics Music & Mike Elk On CWA NG Election & SEIU : Indybay

Beto O’Rourke Becomes Latest 2020 Contender to Pledge Climate Action

Deconstructed Podcast: Erik Prince, Perjury, and the Secret Trump Tower Meeting


Beto O’Rourke Is Running for President and It All Started With Weed

The Boeing 737 Max 8: a Case Study in Uncreative Destruction